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16 February 2019

To New Beginnings!

by Julien

I’ve recently started a new role as a team lead. This is a significant step for me, as management is something I have been on receiving end of, for most of my career. I’ve decided to start writing again, for two main reasons:

  1. It will allow me to chronicle my evolution and be able to one day look back upon it all.
  2. It will be an interesting creative exercise: English is not my native language and this will be good practice.

I’ve also picked GitHub pages as the medium, under a custom URL. The repo had been laying dormant for years, but I decided to pick it up and learn how to use Jekyll. I looked at modern static site generators like Gatsby, and while I’m a big fan of React, writing a bunch of JavaSCript components in order to create a few blog posts seemed overkill.

Maybe in time, if this website expends, it will become interesting to have something like Gatsby, but in the mean time, writing some Markdown will do the job.

tags: beginnings